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Miscellaneous Gadget Repair

Any Gadget Repair isn’t just a name – if you can think of it, we can fix it.

Our expert technicians are able to work on every electrical device you can name, including:

  • Surround Sound Systems repair
  • Sat Nav repair
  • Docking Station repair
  • Toaster repair
  • Kettle repair
  • Iron repair
  • PDA repair
  • Netbook repair
  • Ipod repair
  • MP3 Player repair
  • CD Player repair
  • Cassette Player repair
  • VHS Player repair
  • And anything else that might be broken around the house…

We offer all these repair services for the best price in Birmingham, as we will price match any quote you find in the UK.

If you are having trouble with an electric device in your house, get in touch with Any Gadget Repair today to find out how we can help.


You name it - We FIX it....

What can't we Fix -

We can fix literally all types of household appliances other than Washing machines / Fridge freezers / Ovens etc
(Only because we hate handling large items).


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