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We specialize in repairing ALL of the Apple product's-

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We provide electrical equipment maintenance,repair and installation services for schools, prolonging the life of equipment and saving school's in Birmingham much needed time and money.
We have a team of expert electrical technician's at hand for any job too big or small and can even source spare parts for many electrical items to extend the lifetime of your appliance' or device(s).
Please contact our Service Desk with your equipment make and model for an estimate.
We can supply and install a wide range of electrical products, in fact almost anything with a plug on it all at very competitive prices...


Annual maintenance or Pay As You Go contracts are available.

If your Gadget is too expensive to repair?
At the Anygagdetrepair Centre, we know that sometimes repair's can outweigh the price of your item making it almost pointless to repair....
We also know the importance of wanting to get your loved item's working again!
Sometimes you may wish to upgrade to a new or refurbished item and would rather put your money into a newer model.
At Anygagdetrepair, we can respond to your need's fast and will offer you a fair price for your broken Gadget(s).
We can even source you similar item's potentinally saving you loads of time and cash overall...

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Good customer service and excellent quality repair
I broken my sat navigation on a Tuesday night and took it to Any Gadget on Wednesday. The price was spot on not expensive at all. The amount they charged wouldn't fill up the tank on my car that's how cheap it was. Then they made special effort to get the part as my sat nav part was expensive and hard to get as I tried to look online. They got the part cheap and repaired the sat nav. the repair quality it self is superb as it looks like a brand new sat nav. The owner also contacted me keeping me up to date and was a fast repair. Definitely know where to go for any other gadgets and was a pleasure experience as I was stressed and worried how expensive it would of been. The owner reassured me and told me the price and the was happy. Overall brilliant service and brilliant repair.


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